Scott and Sandy Embrey lived and worked on four continents during their professional careers as international educators. Their last posting was in the geo-political center of Asia, the fascinating country of Myanmar, or Burma, as it was formally named. This afforded them unlimited travel experiences to explore and record, through photography, the people, temples, and various regions of this country and many others in Asia

    Found within the many galleries are exotic religious sites, beautiful landscapes, people at work and play, as well as many photos that display the reverence for Buddhism found in Myanmar as well as the common traits that make us human.

    The underlying mission and hope of Latitude Travel Photography is that the photographs will nurture a greater understanding of the world's diversity, while at the same time illustrate the common traits that all people have.

    We hope that you might enjoy our photos enough to create cards to send to your family or friends or to purchase a framed photo for your own home.

    Share the wonders of other cultures with people who might appreciate the wonder of our human diversity.